Granite and Marble Slabs Offer Toronto Homeowners Increased Value for Their Homes

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A Natural Focal Point

Choosing a natural stone as an important focal point of a kitchen or bathroom is both elegant and practical. Natural stone like granite or marble takes a normal room and transforms it into one with character and flair. Often, stone buyers choose a tile selection as it is more cost-effective. However, choosing a granite or marble slab offers advantages that tiles simply cannot match. Granite and marble slabs offer Toronto homeowners an opportunity to really add value to their property while offering a breathtaking design.
Granite and marble are popular choices because of the properties found in each stone. Designs in both types of stone vary. Granite is composed of crystallized flecks and striations that can appear in either a consistent fashion or in dramatic and exotic waves and patterns. Marble has a milky and luxurious appearance, with veiny patterns that cross over a black or white background. Both are dramatic and stylish. Their natural effects are often lost in a tiled pattern. Buying granite and marble slabs offers an opportunity to show off the stone’s entire natural design.

Dramatic Design found in Slabs

Granite is set apart by its variety in colours and patterns. No two slabs of granite are the same, and the patterns and colours can change drastically within the same slab. Therefore, buying tiles is tricky if you’re looking for a uniform design. It’s not unusual to get cases of tile home only to find that there are drastic differences amongst them. It is not unusual to see a slab of granite full of swirling crystal patterns and colours! Marble can also have different colouration within the same slab, although the variation is not as drastic as it is with granite.
Buying granite and marble slabs versus tiles allows the pattern and the design to work seamlessly. With tiles, grouting is needed, and this can take away from the desired effect. Seams are easily adhered to surfaces, whether for countertops or flooring. While slabs are a little more difficult to transport, installing slab stone is a delicate but effective process. Patience is of the utmost importance when laying granite or marble tile. Potential problems surround the installation of natural stone tiles; if the installer is inexperienced, it can be easy to lay crooked tiles or mismatch the grout colour.

Maintaining Natural Beauty

Maintaining stone slabs is easier to do compared to maintaining tiles. With granite, simply seal the stone consistently throughout the year to prevent stains or scratches. Marble requires a little more attention than its granite cousin. Waxy residue can build up on the marble, and, in addition to maintaining grout on marble tiles, stripping product will be required to get that glossy shine back onto your marble floor, counter or backsplash. However, tile maintenance involves the surface of the tiles as well as the grout and is tedious by comparison. Choosing granite and marble slab in Toronto will offer the most dramatic designs and patterns, lending natural beauty to your bathroom or kitchen.